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The Building of the Ark (metaphorically speaking)


Firstly the raising of funds is required. The trustees are being guided by an expert in this field, who is offering her services free of charge.  More details as regards this at a later date - the team are still being educated. 


At all times during the fund raising process the trustees will be open to viewing prospective properties.


Once a suitable property is found and sufficient funds  raised the trustees will proceed to enter into a sale agreement to purchase.





The Rescue, Support and Protection of an Individual.


The Refuge will have a help line for escapee's. (Police may need to be involved as to how to protect individuals and the refuge as regards this). An escapee is an individual who is coming straight out of the cult environment into the outside world. A plan will be put in place and voluntary ambassadors throughout New Zealand will aid with their initial rescue. It will be strongly recommended that they spend the first few months of their new life at the White Dove Refuge. The Refuge will do the organizing as regards this. An escapee's emergence into the 'real' world is traumatic and the team at the refuge are there to help and support them. They will also help them put boundaries such as non-molestation orders in place (if required). Harassment and persecution from the cult (in most cases) is overwhelming and constant.


The Refuge is also a shelter and place of support for existing Cult Survivor's. Many times in a survivors journey they can be overwhelmed by grief or emotional trauma. They may need a roof over their heads or they may just need to talk.


Refuge members will have obligations and the length of their stay will be determined by their individual circumstances, their co-operation and their personal needs. The obligations are as follows:

  • A weekly fee of between $100-200 per self contained and furnished unit/cabin. This will contribute to general wear and tear of furniture, white-ware, linen, utensils, etc. It will also help with running costs, power, and water. If a member is unable to meet this obligation a trust member will accompany them to WINZ to apply for financial assistance.(For an escapee the first weekly fee will be waived, as their emotional safety and sanity is the priority).

  • No parties

  • No recreational drugs

  • Misuse or abuse of alcohol is not tolerated. If it is noted that a member may have an addiction problem it will be drawn to their attention and a discussion will follow. If the member decides he/she does not wish to address the issue, it will be strongly recommended (or enforced if they are disruptive) that he/she move on. Support to a practicing addict only enables the problem and that is not to be encouraged. If the addict wishes to address the problem they are in the right place. One team member has firsthand experience and wisdom in dealing with alcohol related issues.

  • A weekly meeting is to be held in the member's unit to discuss any concerns and problems. This will also allow opportunity for team members to assess progress.

  • Respect and consideration for others is necessary at all times.





The continuing fight against a hidden menace.



Help us!


Help us decimate the power of cults.


Help us decimate the power of cults by not attacking them, but by taking away their power. Attacking only aids the perpetrators to continue their punishing behaviour. They see it clearly works. They see the victims anger, hurt and guilt and it justifies their actions.


If victims were empowered - empowered gained by having support - their emotions could and would be used in a constructive way.


Empowering cult victims takes away a cults power.


An empowered individual does not put injustice away in a box. He takes it and joins with other supporters to discuss solutions. Or works individually on a just cause.


Support and empowerment. A powerful combination.


Support and empowerment. An unstoppable force. Especially when momentum gathers. In the face of such force a cults power diminishes. It can't not.


Help us. Help us by becoming part of this unstoppable, empowered force.


Help us get our families back.


Help us to love again. And help us to trust again.




Thank you - Cult Survivors.



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