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December 2018

First and foremost the White Dove Refuge will be a refuge. A refuge for an escapee. And a refuge for  ex-cult/sect members/survivor's. It will also be a sanctuary. A place where an individual or individuals come to heal. It is where they will come for support. And its where they will come to be heard.

When one leaves a cult/sect the alienation from friends and family is torturous. And the added complication of being homeless and (for many) penniless only adds to their emotional pain. They have been severely effected by indoctrination  They are not equipped mentally, spiritually and physically to function in the 'real' world. And they need to know someone cares, hears and supports. That is our job. And that is our mission. Let me introduce the team:


                                         Jill Moxham: ADMINISTRATOR

                                         A cult/sect survivor, Jill is committed one hundred percent to this project, as she has no bigger wish than to hug and

                                         communicate with her six children and numerous grandchildren who are still members of an extremist religion. 

                                         She is also actively involved in the community - voluntarily raising awareness about addiction and supporting a

                                         twelve step program.


                                         Bruce Robinson: TREASURER

                                        While not a cult/sect survivor Bruce has had many dealings with cult/sect members and is committed to providing shelter 

                                        and support - both physically and emotionally - to individuals who find it within themselves to move out of a victim situation.

                                         He also contributes to the cause by having a background in counseling.

                                        Barbara Goldring: SECRETARY

                                        A cult/sect survivor, Barbara is a personal witness to how alienating practices contribute to the disintegration of family. 

                                        She is also a survivor of other injustices. This has given her wisdom and insight into dealing with 'grief'.

The  team will largely work voluntarily and the Refuge will have ambassadors in most towns and cities throughout New Zealand - to aid with initial rescues and to put a plan in place.

The refuge itself is yet to be acquired - a huge, daunting challenge, but one that will be overcome with the involvement and generosity of caring individuals and organisations. We have in mind that it will be situated north of Auckland but not north of Ruakaka - relatively close to where the trustees currently live.

White Doves charitable purpose:

  •  It offers relief from personal poverty. Many individuals upon escape are homeless, penniless or both. They generally don't have employment or are unable to be employed because of their emotional state

  • Victims are educated. They are educated as to why they may experience trauma. And they are educated as to how the larger world operates. This knowledge and support helps prepare them for their reintegration into society.

  • It advances religion by showing the cult/sect victim that what they thought they had - in the name of religion - is anything but. It did not benefit them. Or have their good at heart. The refuge helps them regain faith. Faith of their choice. If their choice is to continue believing in God or a Higher Power it offers them opportunity and space to worship. If that is not their choice - they may want to abandon religion due to the sadistic behaviour they have been subjected to - that is okay too. They needs to know that it is their right to have choice and to be accepted for what that choice is.




 The wider intention of  Cult Victim Support/ White Dove Refuge is to have individuals not just existing in society but being of public benefit. Empowered individuals inspire and encourage. Empowered individuals give. Give to the community. Give to themselves. Give to others. And give life a meaning.

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